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Our Records and statistics page 

now contains entry statistics from past North East Regattas
Records from
Head of the River
races and
Lists of
Championship of the Dee winners from 1989 to present


Aberdeen Eights and Small Boats HOR
Horrible wintry weather the day before, but on Saturday we enjoyed reasonable racing conditions for the Eights event.  Coxing skills were tested by having to dodge some debris lifted off the banks by the stream and high tide and everyone enjoyed (or at least experienced) some dramatic storm surges pushing large boluses of water upstream intermittently.  These produced dramatic upstream waves at banks and made the returning boats sometimes feel as if they were beach sprint racing!  Sad that no-one from outside Aberdeen entered the event to experience this unique rowing experience.

 Results from Eights HOR Sat 10/2/24        Competitors names Sat 10/2/24
Lovely racing conditions on Sunday, dull with occasional cooling drizzle but nice water.
Again (as yesterday) we started both divisions ahead of time so well done to volunteers and officials.

Results - Sunday 11/2/24 SB HOR Sorted by Net Time
Results - Sunday 11/2/24 SB HOR Sorted by Event, then Net Time

  Competitors Names Sunday (v3)
Original advert for reference
 10 - 11 February 2024 
Aberdeen HOR Weekend
This event was  cancelled  at 2pm on 26/10/23  (report below).
We have just held a river inspection and two experienced J-18 scullers were struggling to make headway against the stream upstream of the King George VI Bridge. 
Aberdeen and surrounding area has just entered a Met Office yellow warning for rain which extends for the next 72 hours so water-flow conditions are likely to deteriorate.
Regrettably, there is no suitable date this year to offer a re-run.
Any entry fees which have been paid will be refunded.  Grateful thanks to the many clubs and competitors who entered this event and we are sad that we were unable to run divisions on Saturday when record entries (87 in D1 and 75 in D2) were planned.
28 - 29 October 2023
Aberdeen Sprint Regatta
Another Sprint, another lovely day of snappy racing on the Dee.  We were delighted to welcome a large squad from Inverness but, sadly, our only other outside entry was a solitary sculler from Castle Semple (good to see you back in Aberdeen, Karen). 
Troublesome tides forced a late start with first race going off exactly on time at 1pm.  With a lot of pre-planning and excellent cooperation from umpires, marshals and competitors, we were pleased to finish racing 14 minutes ahead of planned time, about 6 hours later. 
Weather was pleasant with a moderate tailwind and it was warm enough that the Senior Umpire had to advise some local children against swimming in the river off the ABC launching steps!
With their huge entry, the Championship of the Dee award was easily won by ASRA  but the other places enjoyed some to and fro battles over the day. 
Final Championship of the Dee points
ASRA                  145
ABC                      57
Inverness RC         48
AUBC                     6
Castle Semple         5

 All Race Results (chronological list)                                  All Race Results (draw Tree)
 Winning crew names and Champ of Dee table                          All Competitors' names
 All the above info is available as an Excel spreadsheet if you prefer.


   Event Programme (20 pages)           
    Advert for the Sprint.
 2nd September 2023 
North East Coronation Regatta
We had chosen our date many months before King Charles III decided to have his Coronation on the same weekend - copycat!
Click the link above for report and results
6-7 May 2023
Aberdeen Eights HOR
Results from both divisions
Good weather for the time of year but an increasing headwind made for hard work going through some bridges and in the final 400m.  Great to see Tay RC competing with their mixed Eight (mixed sex and experience, with one member only on his 4th sweep-rowing outing).  Shame that no other clubs made the trip.  The course in both divisions had to be shortened by about 150m due to unusually low water at the finish.

Programme       Competitors' Name (v2)       List of winners names        Original advert
5th February 2023
Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats HOR
Good weather on Saturday but a variable blustery headwind on Sunday with some squals of rain. 
Overall, still not bad for the time of year.

Saturday  both divisions sorted by Net Time
                          Saturday both divisions sorted by Event, then Net Time
Sunday both divisions sorted by Net Time
                           Sunday both divisions sorted by Event, then Net Time

  Programme for both days (v3)            List of crew Names (v3)    The  Advert (v2) is still available
5 -6 November 2022
Aberdeen Sprint Regatta
Perhaps because we ran the only sprint regatta in Scotland this year, we enjoyed a large entry from outside clubs (especially Inverness and Stirling, but also Castle Semple, St Andrews BC  and Hollowell Scullers.  This resulted in many highly-contested events, two with 10 entrants and one with nine.
We enjoyed lovely racing conditions with no wind and the Goldilocks temperature of nice enough to sit around outdoors but not too hot for racing.
It was, without any disrespect to our local club, lovely to see some junior events being won by clubs other than ASRA!  Well done to Hazel G for her work training the Inverness juniors to achieve this.
The stamina award for the event might go to Junior 16 sculler Luke from Inverness who, after capsizing at the start, declined the offer of a launch-rescue but got back into his boat and paddled down the course. 
Thanks to all umpires, volunteers and the competitors who worked as a team and allowed us to finish 19 minutes ahead of the published time.

   List of winners and (Championship of the Dee) club points
Chronological list of races with results              Draw tree with results
List of all competitors' names                          Copy of programme (no results)
Original advert

27 August 2022
North East Regatta (NER)
It was nice to be almost back to pre-Covid normality.
Click above link for details.

14th May 2022
The Bob Neill Scottish Schools HOR,  River Dee, Aberdeen (organised by ASRA)
Saturday 19/3/22  Division 1
                                        Saturday 19/3/22 Division 2
      Sunday 20/3/22  Division 1                
Sunday 20/3/22 Division 2

19 - 20 March 2022
Aberdeen Eights and Small Boats HOR
Saturday 19/2/22  results (both divisions) 
                         SB HOR Sunday 20/2/22  Div 1 Results
                                                                       SB HOR Sunday 20/2/22 Div 2 Results

The original advert is still available here
19 - 20 February 2022
ASRA Time trial

Sunday 6th February 2022
Aberdeen Fours HOR
Results from both divisions on Saturday
Sorted by
Net Time
Sorted by
Event, then Net Time
A breezy day for the Fours HOR, and as noted previously, we have cancelled our SB HOR on Sunday due to predicted high winds
 List of competitors names   

For reference, the original Advert is availaible along with the programme.
Also the following documents relating to the cancelled Small Boats HOR (Sunday 7/11/21)
Sunday (Small Boats) Start list      Sunday names
6th November 2021
Aberdeen Sprint Regatta
Yippee!  Back to racing again as Covid restrictions ease.

Winning crew names (and club points)             Results - chlonological list of all races
Results - Tree view of all races                       Names of all competitors

Various photographs have been shared and I will aim to get links to them soon
21st August 2021
Aberdeen HOR weekend (part of the SR Winter Series, Round 1)    *CANCELLED*   (Covid-19) 17th and 18th October 2020
Aberdeen Sprint Regatta    *CANCELLED*   (Covid-19) Saturday 29th August 2020
North East Regatta (NER)  *CANCELLED*   (Covid-19) Saturday 9th May 2020
Aberdeen Time Trial

Results from Division 1 are available.  A sunny afternoon but steadily increasing wind througout caused crews some problems.  This was coupled with a faster stream than usual after rainfall in the upper Dee catchment.

Sadly, we made the decision to cancel D2 due to safety concerns relating to high winds and strong stream in the finish marshalling area.  We remain chuffed that we managed to run an event at a time when multiple recent and current events have been weather-cancelled.
22nd Feb 2020
Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats HOR
Sat D1 sorted by time over course              Sat D 1 sorted by event, then time
Sat D2 sorted by time over course              Sat D2 sorted by event then time

Fine conditions on Saturday but, regrettably, we had to cancel the Small Boats HOR on Sunday.  Winds were gusting to 40mph making water conditions dangerously rough, especially in the upper reaches of the course.  Entry fees applicable to Sunday will be refunded.
26th & 27th October 2019
The Bob Neill Schools HOR - Aberdeen
This event was organised by ASRA.  Results are below;

   Div 1 Saturday            Div 2 Saturday
   Div 1 Sunday               Div 2 Sunday
14th and 15th Sept 2019
Aberdeen 'Tornado' Sprint Regatta
We were pleased to see the steam locomotive 'Tornado' chuff back and forth during this event.
Another blustery day in Aberdeen with a particularly unpleasant squall during our Duathlon event (enough to, understandably,  dissuade one competitor from undertaking the sculling leg).  It was great to see another large squad from Stirling and we also welcomed a number of men from Inverness (perhaps their women and juniors may join us some day!).  Also a single Masters sculler from Clydesdale (who managed to go home with a medal).
Club Championship points (corrected after event) were

Stirling 72
ABC 58
Inverness 9
Clydesdale 2

Winners names              Results (chronological)              Results (tree)            Duathlon results
Original programme (not marked with results)
31st August 2019
North East Regatta
A blustery day but most competitors and volunteers were still smiling at the end.
4th May 2019
Aberdeen Eights HOR
With apologies for the delay, results are now published from this windy event.
J-15 Quads were cancelled for safety reasons but all other boats managed to race.

Div 1 sorted by finish time                                          
                    Div 1 sorted by event then net time

Div 2 sorted by finish time                                         
                     Div 2 sorted by event then net time
9th March 2019
Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats HOR
Fortuntely the weather on Saturday turned out (slightly) better than the rather worrying early forecast (hail and very strong winds).  Still very cold on Saturday but Sunday was a lovely autumnal day

     Sat Division 1 sorted by TIME OVER COURSE
                                            Sat Division 1 sorted by EVENT then NET TIME

      Sat Division 2 sorted by TIME OVER COURSE
                                             Sat Division 2 sorted by EVENT then NET TIME 

     Sunday Division 1 sorted by TIME OVER THE COURSE
                                        Sunday Division 1 sorted by EVENT then NET TIME
    Sunday Division 2 sorted by TIME OVER THE COURSE
                                        Sunday Division 2 sorted by EVENT then NET TIME

27th & 28th October 2018
Aberdeen Sprint Regatta
Another lovely day of racing in Aberdeen.  A fairly strong cross-head wind did entertain us with some rough water at times but nothing that us tough North Easterners aren't used to! 
We welcomed another trailer-full of Stirling rowers and also a good squad from Inverness (after their delayed arrival due to wind-turbine movement on the A96).
Competitors and spectators alike seemed to enjoy our first-ever Duathlon (run/row) event - this was held in two heats of 8 competitors in each and attracted competitors ranging from junior to 70+ years of age.  We are grateful to Scottish Rowing for providing financial support to help run this event.
Complete results are available here, or if you only want selected portions from this, you can choose
 List of winners  or  Duathlon results (both of these are contained in the complete results)
Most Successful Club
We only award the Championship of the Dee trophy at our main North East Regatta but, for interest, I applied the same points system (2 points per person in winning finalists and 1 point pp for losing finalists) to ascertain the most successful club.  Points were as noted below;

ASRA                   81
Stirling                  64
ABC                     56
AUBC/RGUBC      14
Inverness              13
Albyn Schools         7
Univ of St Andrews  1
25th August 2018
North East Regatta
A wonderful day with great competition (thanks largely to a huge entry from Stirling).  Great weather and a shock win for the Championship of the Dee. Click on above link for details.
14th April 2018
Aberdeen Eights HOR
Results from both divisions

Lovely weather except for a bit of a headwind between the Suspension and Railway Bridges.
Thanks to all umpires and helpers.  Also thanks to our visitors from Inveress and University of St Andrews
17th February 2018
Aberdeen Fours HOR (Saturday)                 Aberdeen Small Boats HOR (Sunday)

Lovely weather on Saturday for our Fours event.
The forecast of rain and gales on Sunday in reality became sunny but cold weather and a variable breeze.  Overall reasonable conditions for Guy Fawkes weekend.
It was great to see a large entry from lots of clubs including almost every Scottish university.
4th & 5th November 2017
North East (Sprint) Regatta
We ran the NER this year as part of Scottish Rowing's initiative to revitalise the sprint season.
Click above link for details.
19th August 2017
Aberdeen Scratch Regatta
Three Clubs (ABC, ASRA and Albyn) participated in this event.  Many thanks to Elspeth Archibald for proposing the format which seemed to be enjoyed by all participants.  An initial time-trial took place and the sorted crews were then divided into blocks of 4 or 3 for side-by-side competition - this took place regardless of boat class or competitors' status.  All races took place over a very windy 700m downstream course resulting in some challenging rough water.  Click for  results  or  (only 3!) pictures
7th May 2017
Aberdeen Eights HOR
A windy, and sometimes wet, start to our racing in 2017.  Strong tailwind (good) but this resulted in some very rough water (bad) at times.
11th Feb 2017
Aberdeen Fours and SB HOR 2016
Despite a pessimistic forecast, the weather forecast, and actuality, on the days turned out to be lovely. 
Saturday, in particular, was flat calm, sunny and warm (at least by November standards).
We were delighted to have a huge entry, especially featuring many of the university rowing clubs in Scotland. 
This resulted in well-contested racing, especially at the novice end of the spectrum.
Sunday’s racing featured two dead-heats so awards were made to all four winners.
Thanks to all helpers, SR umpires, and everyone else who made the event run (mostly) smoothly.

Saturday Div 1 - by finish order         Saturday Div1 - by event
Saturday Div 2 - by finish order         Saturday Div 2 - by event

Sunday Div 1 - by finish order            Sunday Div 1 - by event
Sunday Div 2 - by finish order            Sunday Div 2 - by event

Competitors' names Saturday         Competitors' names Sunday
12th & 13th November 2016
North East Regatta 2016
4th June 2016
Aberdeen Eights HOR
Windy and wet with a strong headwind and rough water up the 500m straight.  Sadly a poor entry from outside clubs - our only non-Aberdeen entrant was a junior quad from Loch Lomond - but at least they won their division so hopefully they considered the trip worthwhile!
       Results from both divisions           Pictures from Div 1       Pictures from Div 2
26th March 2016
Fours and Small Boats HOR
   Division 1 Saturday           Division 2 Saturday

   Division 1 Sunday             Division 2 Sunday (Version 2 - minor corrections to Vet handicaps - no changes to winners)

  Saturday results sorted by Event         Sunday results sorted by Event

There was a pessimistic weather forecast (wind and rain) preceding this event but I am glad to say that conditions were benign over the weekend.  It was great to see a large entry from visiting clubs, especially Universities.  Thanks to ABC for providing accommodation (and especially ABC President Jim Steel for organising and serving breakfasts)
Results are available above, in finish order or sorted by event.  If you want to analyse the data in any further way the entire spreadsheet we use to run the event can be downloaded here (it does contain Macros).


14th & 15th November 2015
North East Regatta 2015
     apologies for the delay (22/6/15), but here are the results from this event
16th & 17th May 2015
Aberdeen Eights HOR
Good weather conditions (but a surprising lack of water near the finish resulted in various boats losing their fins in the First Division - we marked the offending obstruction for Div 2.

We were honoured to have the Lord Provost of Aberdeen, George Adam attending to view racing and present prizes.  This had been arranged as the start of ABC's celebrations during 2015 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the club.

  Results (times)         Names of Winning Crews        Names of all entrants   

Link to ABC website featuring photos of ABC crews

7th February 2015
Aberdeen 4s and Small Boats HOR weekend
   Saturday results      Sunday results
A lot of rain fell in the week preceding these events and the River Dee was running fast so no record times (except perhaps, vying for a record slow time?).  Many outside entries and lots of novice crews (and coxes) resulted in some marshalling issues and occasional clashes during racing.  It seemed, however, that a (mostly) good time was had by all.    Many thanks to the Scottish Rowing umpires and to all entrants.
22nd & 23rd November 2014
North East Regatta 2014

10th & 11th May 2014
Aberdeen 8s HOR   (cancelled)
Regrettably, this event was cancelled due to heavy rain causing a very strong stream but, mostly due to gales on the day making conditions dangerous.  We have been unable to find a suitable date to reschedule the event so it will not be held at this time.
1st February 2014
Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats HOR
    Saturday results          Sunday results

It was great to see a large entry from various Scottish Universities (Glasgow, St Andrews, Heriot Watt, Dundee).  Conditions were good on Saturday but challenging on Sunday with strong gusting winds and a strong stream after lots of overnight rain.  It was safe for the event to proceed but the organisers encouraged inexperienced crews to withdraw on Sunday and entry fees for these will be refunded.
2nd & 3rd November 2013
Aberdeen Club Championships
Lovely weather (although rather limited water) for our second Inter-Club Championships.  This again went down to a nail-biting finish with the wellie-boot toss deciding the winner.   AUBC won overall with 49 points,  ASRA in 2nd place with 47,  ABC only one point behind with 46 and then RGUBC with 31 points.
Competitors names     Race results     Results summary     Points totals
12th October 2014
North East Regatta 11th & 12th May 2013
Aberdeen Eights HOR
Lovely water conditions for the first event held in Scotland in 2013 (sadly the SUBC HOR last week had to be cancelled due to river conditions)
9th February 2013
Aberdeen 4s and SB HOR
           Results Saturday       Results Sunday
PS results updated 10pm on 28/10/12;
   (1) noting that Div 1 on Saturday was about 150m short at finish due to low water.
   (2)  adding Veteran handicaps to Mens Vet 1x in Div 2 on Sunday
27th & 28th October 2012
Aberdeen Club Championships 13th October 2012
North East Regatta 5th & 6th May 2012
Aberdeen Eights HOR
A headwind at times but generally good weather conditions. It was good to see outside entries from 'Scottish Argonauts' composite Eights along with entries from Edinburgh, St Andrews  and Dundee Universities.
25th February 2012
Aberdeen HOR weekend 12th & 13th November 2011 
North East Regatta 2011
14th & 15th May 2011
Aberdeen Eights HOR
            (a) by finish time          (b) sorted by event
5th February 2011
Aberdeen HOR for 4s and Small Boats
Despite trying to run this on 2 occasions (20th & 21st November  then 4th & 5th December) we had to cancel both attempts due to ice on the river
2010 Aberdeen Sprint
                 Race results      Winners names    List of all competitors names
18th September 2010
2010 North East Regatta 15th & 16th May 2010
2010 Eights HOR 13th Feb 2010
2009 Fours and Small Boats HOR
               4s HOR  -  results from Both Divisions
               SB HOR - results from both divisions   (modified 3/11/09 - new winner for Mens R2 1X after original 'winner' found to be not R2)
31st October  & 1st November 2009
2009 North East Regatta 9th & 10th May 2009
2009 Aberdeen HOR for Senior Eights and Junior Fours 14th March 2009
2008 Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats HOR 15th & 16th November 2008
2008 Aberdeen Sprint Regatta

13th September 2008

2008 North East Regatta

19th & 20th April 2008

2008 Eights HOR

Sat 23rd February 2008

2007 4s and Small Boats HOR

10th & 11th November 2007

2007 North East Regatta

5th & 6th May 2007

2007 Aberdeen Eights HOR

3rd March 2007

Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats HOR 2006

4th & 5th November 2006

2006 Aberdeen Sprint

9th September 2006

2006 North East Regatta

13th & 14th May 2006

2006 Eights Head of the River

29th January 2006

Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats HOR

(apologies for lack of photos from the second divisions on both days but I was rowing.)

15th & 16th October 2005
2005 Aberdeen Sprint Regatta   3rd September 2005
2005 North East Regatta 7th & 8th May 2005
2005 Eights Head of the River   pdf    html 26th February 2005
2004 Fours and Small Boats Head of the River 13th & 14th November 2004
2004 North East Regatta
        Championship of the Dee points
        General notes
17th & 18th April 2004
2004 Eights Head of the River 7th February 2004
2003 Fours and Small Boats Head of the River 8th & 9th November 2003
2003 North East Regatta
Championship of the Dee points
 General notes
17th & 18th May 2003
2003 Eights Head of the River (results)
1st March 2003
2002 Fours and Small Boats Head of the River Races
(Both events were cancelled due to the River Dee being in spate)
16th & 17th November 2002
2002 North East Regatta   
       Championship of the Dee points
       General notes
11th & 12th May 2002
2002 Head of the River for Eights   3rd March 2002
2001 Small Boats Head of the River   4th November 2001
2001 Fours Head of the River    3rd November 2001
2001 HORs - press release and event report by Terry McNeill 3rd & 4th November 2001
2001 North East Regatta
       Championship of the Dee points
       General notes
21st & 22nd April 2001
2001 Eights Head of the River (cancelled due to ice) 10th February 2001
2000 Small Boats Head of the River (cancelled due to gales) 29th October 2000
2000 Fours Head of the River  28th October 2000
2000 North East Regatta
          Saturday 20th May
          Sunday 21st May
          Championship of the Dee points and general notes
20th & 21st May 2000
2000 Eights Head of the River 5th February 2000
1999 North East Regatta   new - (added 13/5/04) 15th & 16th May 1999
1999 Small Boats Head of the River 7th November 1999
1999 Fours Head of the River 6th November 1999
1998 Small Boats Head of the River 22nd November 1998
1998 Fours Head of the River 21st November 1998
1998 North East Regatta  new - (full results added 13/5/04) 9th & 10th May 1998
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