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Faskally coaching weekend
24th & 25th October 2015

aplogies for late posting of this small number of still (mostly) pictures. 

The coaches were so good that they could walk on water.  Ian Duncan demonstrates his powers.
(published 22/12/15)

ABC Xmas Eights
12th Dec 2015
Alan Murphy took some shots from this event - click on photo to see them all

 (published 17/12/15)
Commonwealth Baton Relay
Womens Henley 2014

June 2014 (!)

Thanks, Colin for reminding me that I had not processed these pictures from sunnier times18 months ago.
Click on picture below for my shots from that month - they also include pics that Carol took at Womens Henley 2014.
 Ailsa Brown and Colin Wallace have also posted Baton pictures and movies, click below for their pics.  Ailsa's folder includes some family/Oldmeldrum clips that you might want to skip past!)
Movie from Ailsa       
Colin Aberdeen pics    
TV news reports

(published 16/12/15)
Aberdeen Fours and SB HOR
14th & 15th Nov 2015

Results from the 4s and Small Boats HOR are published on our
Results page

New (16/11/15) - I have added additional options for downloading results sorted by Event.  I have also made some corrections to Veteran Handicaps in Division 2 on Sunday - these alter net times but do not alter winners.

Pictures Now Published...
New (23/11/15)

Thanks to Alan Murphy and Geraldine Aben for providing these pictures taken from the starting launch - click below to select day

   4s HOR pictures (Saturday)     

  SB HOR puctures (Sunday)

  Scottish Rowing Awards Dinner
Hilton Grosvenor Hotel, Glasgow

Inverness 4s and Small Boats HOR
  Saturday 31/10/15  -  pics from Div 2 only
  Sunday 1/11/15 - mostly Div 1 with a few pics from Div 2


Sorry that many of these shots are of poorer quality than my usual - I blame low light on Saturday and using my pocket camera - others might, appropriately, blame the photographer!
If you want to see some excellent quality photographs I suggest you go to
David Nolan's Flickr site - he has published  superb shots from all 4 divisions
Deecrepits tour to Tyne HOR
14th February 2015

Apologies for the very late (14/10/15) publication of these pictures

Official opening of ASRA Boathouse extension
and their 'Black & White' Ball at the Douglas Hotel in the evening

3rd October 2015

Andrew Laing of Aberdeen Asset Management and a representative of Sport Scotland attended for this event.  Both organisations had sponsored the new buidling.  Bryan Steel holds the ribbon.
Historical Pictures projected at ABC Ball

(See previous box for pictures taken at the Ball)

A total of 1,149 images from varying dates in ABC's history were projected randomly on the side screens at the Ball on 19/9/15.  They are all available here if you want to spend some (or a lot) of time searching through them.  They are deliberately in no particular order.  Ask around (or
email me) if you remain confused as to subject, or location, of picture!
Most pictures were provided by me but Sandie, Niki and various others also contributed to this visual potpourris.  Snapper Ron

Christmas Day Row 1970
Bob Newton, Gus Menzies, Charlie Mearns, Brian Everitt,
Ron Wallace (good grief!)
ABC 150th Anniversary Ball
19th September 2015
Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen

Many thanks to the organising committee for arranging a memorable event.  It was great to see Jurgen, Mirco and Adi from Ruderclub Baden in Switzerland.  Even more impressive was the weekend visit of John Dalgleish (one of 'Rick's Pricks') who flew over from Perth, Australia). 
Dr Roy Farquharson was another 'returner' and Niall Young, impressively, enjoyed comparing this event with his previous attendance at ABC's 100 year anniversary!

ABC Novice Regatta
29th August 2015

Good weather this year for this event with great competition for the various categories of awards

Henley Royal Regatta (HRR)
1st - 5th July 2015

Snapper Ron has been busy capturing a few rowing pictures and even more social pictures.  He was delighted to see the row-past of a mixed Eight crewed entirely by previous Henley winners from ABC.
Also click here to go to a separate Dropbox folder with a couple of video shots - one for Alec Wallace and the other for the ABC coxed four.

The pictures start with some from the Silver Wedding celebrations of SR President Mike Morrice.  See if you can spot some much-younger rowing faces in the blurry copies of his wedding pictures
Home International Regatta (HIR)
25th July 2015  -  Strathclyde Park

 The lovely weather at the start of this event sadly deteriorated to proper rain (none of the namby-pamby showers that had been predicted).
Snapper Ron has published 591 mostly-relevant images of the day and the subsequent evening celebrations.
ABC's 150th Anniversary Row-Past
18th July 2015

Many thanks to Engie for sponsoring this event and to everyone who made it such a success
Civic Reception
Aberdeen Town House

14th May 2015

Apologies for forgetting to publish these shots!
Aberdeen Inter-Company Regatta
27th June 2015

A smaller entry this year but everyone seemed to have a good time and some close (and some not so close!) racing.          (published 30/6/15)
Henley Royal Regatta  -  pictures from the 2014 event
Oops!  I forgot to finish processing these.
Thanks for the reminder, Erin, and I am glad to say that I have just
(25/6/15) published pictures from last year's HRR.  I have, of course, managed to get this done just before the 2015 event. 

(published 25/6/15)

Colin and Jonny achieve their 24hour Scullathon
23rd - 24th June 2015

Colin Wallace and Jonny Muir rowed a single scull for 24hours.  They did alternate one-hour shifts and finished weary and very blistered at 5pm on Wednesday 24th June 2015.  A distance of 241.2km was sculled and they wish to pass on thanks to everyone who supported them during the venture and to all who sponsored them.  Money raised is going to MS Research

150th Anniversary of foundation of ABC

ABC are planning  a number of events to mark this milestone.

On 18th July 2015 a Flotilla Event is planned on the Dee - the aim of this is to get every club boat belonging to ABC on the water at the same time to row from the King George VI Bridge back to the Boathouse.  Further details will be posted on the ABC Website.

Later in the year on 19th Sept 2015, ABC are hosting a ball at the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom and an open invitation is extended to everyone connected with ABC including past members, other clubs in Aberdeen and from around Scotland.
Details are available on the ABC Website.
Scottish Championships
13th & 14th June 2015
more benign weather conditions at the park this time.  A busy event but well-oranised and both (ful) days of racing finished on, or ahead, of time.

With apologies for the delay I have published pictures from the
 Universities of Aberdeen Boat Race
held on 21st March 2015

Strathclyde Park Regatta (SPR)  2015

Snapper Ron managed to take a limited range of pictures from this event - click above for pictures.

Also click here for a YouTube video of white horses chasing singe sculls down the course on Sunday afternoon.

(published 29/4/15)
FISA World Masters 2014  

Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, Australia

A squad of 7 from Aberdeen Boat Club made their way to the southern hemisphere (and, regrettably, we took some good Scottish weather of wind and cold with us for our racing!) 
Pictures of the racing are now
(3/1/15) published with lots of holiday shots of our enjoyable time round Ballarat.  Also a number of pictures of Melbourne with my brother, Alan, and his family.  Some older viewers of this site may remember Alan from his rowing days at Aberdeen University Boat Club in the 1970s.   (Snapper Ron)

ABC Xmas Eights   and 
celebration of Jim Steel's recent 70th birthday

A fine day for this fun, scratch, event with crews of mixed abilities producing some very close racing.
ABC also celebrated the recent 70th birthday of our President, Jim Steel who seems as youthful as ever despite his three score and tenth birthday     
Pictures from the Inverness HOR weekend for 4s and Small Boats
  Sat (4s)  Div 1         Sat (4s) Div 2  
   Sunday  (Div 1)  plus 5 shots of Div 2 from Carol

A lovely weekend of Head Racing in the Northern Capital with glorious weather, a huge entry, good organisation with new start procedures and very rapid publication of results.  Well done to the lads & lasses in Red & green.   Apologies for very limited pictures from Div 2 on Sunday but I was racing (Ron)

Aberdeen 4s and Small Boats HOR weekend
22nd & 23rd November 2014


   Saturday results      Sunday results

A lot of rain fell in the week preceding these events and the River Dee was running fast so no record times (except perhaps, vying for a record slow time?).  Many outside entries and lots of novice crews (and coxes) resulted in some marshalling issues and occasional clashes during racing.  It seemed, however, that a (mostly) good time was had by all.    Many thanks to the Scottish Rowing umpires and to all entrants.

ABC Novice Regatta
30th August 2014

(published 30/814)
Commonwealth Rowing Championships 2014
Strathclyde Park
Pictures from Snapper Ron and Carol Wallace
(split into separate days - click on the day that you want to view

   Friday 7th August

Saturday 8th August

   Sunday 9th August

(published 21/814)
Inter-Company Regatta
sponsored by Swire Oilfield Services
28th June 2014

Relatively normal rowing kit for the winners of this event, but lots of strange costumes were exhibited by other crews.  Click above to see all 853 pictures from Snapper Ron
Scottish Championship 2014
Separate folders are available for
Saturday 31st May 2014   and
Sunday 1st June 2014

29/5/14  Phew!  another catch-up in Snapper Ron's electronic darkroom.  With apologies for delay, the following are now published.  Click on the link at the bottom of the box to go to the Images index;

30/3/14  Tideway  -  Deecrepits Tour

April 14  AUBC/RGUBC training camp in Tilburg, Holland

5th-10th April 14  -  ASRA's training camp in Gent, Belgium

26th &27th April-  SPR (Strathclyde Park Regatta)

10th & 11th May - NER (North East Regatta)

All these can be viewed from the IMAGES page
Scottish Schools HOR
22nd March 2014
Forth & Clyde Canal near Dullater

pictures by Snapper Ron
Universities of Aberdeen Boat Race
(and Boat Race Ball)
1st March 2014

Inverness 8s and SB HOR
22nd Feb 2014
Snapper Ron's pictures from Division 1 only

Aberdeen Eights HOR
Saturday 1st February 2014
As previously announced, we unfortunately had to cancel this event due to strong stream and (particularly) due to gales on the day.
We have been looking at options for a date to reschedule this event and, regrettably, we have been unable to find a date which has a suitable tide and does not clash with other rowing events. 
We therefore will not plan to run an Eights HOR at this time

Our next main event is the North East Regatta on 10th & 11th May
Inverness Fours and SB HORs
16th & 17th Nov 2013

4s HOR Sat  Div 1
4s HOR Sat Div 2

SB HOR Sun Div 1
SB HOR Sun Div 2
ABC Ball
9th November 2013
 ' Heaven & Hell '  theme

Aberdeen Fours and Small Boats HOR
2nd & 3rd Nov 2013

Snapper Ron has published pictures from the following divisions (he was racing in the others!)

Fours HOR (Sat)  Div 2 only

SB HOR (Sunday)  Div 1 only
Scottish Rowing Awards Dinner
5th October 2013
In the spectacular surroundings of the Playfair Library, Edinburgh University

FISA World Masters 2013
Varese, northern Italy
2nd - 5th Sept 2013
Richard, Jim, Dan and Ron along with Louise and Carol represented ABC at this huge regatta.

ABC Novice Regatta
31st August 2013

(published 1/9/13)
Colin, Atholl, Lewis, Gary and Feargal cycled up the Beallach na Ba (the road rises from sea-level to 2,053 feet !)
24th & 25th August 2013

(published 27/8/13)
The following day the survivors enjoyed a (slightly) more leisurely  ride to the scenic Elgol peninsula on Skye - Atholl had to sit that out after his front wheel disintegrated whilst descending from the Beallach - wheel and tyre trashed but Atholl intact!
Inverness Sprint Regatta
17th August 2013

(published 27/8/13)
National Schools Regatta
20th - 21st July 2013

(published 27/8/13)
Henley 2013
3rd - 7th July 2013
Gary and Lewis buff-up well for getting into Stewards Enclosure

(published 27/8/13)
Womens Henley
20th - 23rd June 2013
Gill Watt waves a flag

(published 27/8/13)
Inter-Company Regatta
River Dee, Aberdeen   22nd June 2013
Lots of pictures from this very entertaining annual event

Scot Champs Regatta
15th & 16th June 2013
A tiny handful of rowing shots and more Wallace / Brown family shots (with a few Bains and others!) - Ron was busy rowing!

(published 25/8/13)
Castle Semple Regatta
1st June 2013

(published 25/8/13)
North East Regatta
11th & 12th May 2013

(published 25/8/13)
BUCS Regatta
6th May 2013

(published 25/8/13)
Strathclyde Park Regatta
27th & 28th April 2013

(published 25/8/13)
ASRA's Training Camp at Gent
6th - 14th April 2013

(published 25/8/13)
Deecrepits Tour to Vesta Veteran Tideway 24th March 2013
Deep snow in Aberdeenshire prior to flying down - we arrived to find the event cancelled due to snow and high wind-chill

(published 25/8/13)
Universities of Aberdeen Boat Race
3rd March 2013
Lots of pictures (finally) published by Snapper Ron
Aberdeen Eights HOR
9th Feb 2013

Lovely water conditions for the first competed event in the 2013 Scottish Rowing calendar
Pictures from Snapper Ron (with a bit of help in Division 2)
Indoor Rowing Championships
20th January 2013
Heriot Watt University
Pictures from Snapper Ron

Phew! - another busy catch-up in Snapper Ron's electronic Darkroom.
Pictures have been published (on 3/1/13) from ...
Alford Sportive (cycling) event on 26/5/12 featuring a number of ABC rowers
Faskally training camp  (20th & 21st October 2012)
Diamond Jubilee Rowing Championships at Dorney Lake (20th & 21st October 2012)
Inverness 4s HOR and Inverness Small Boats HOR  (17th & 18th Nov 2012)
ABC Christmas Eights  - 1st Dec 2012

For gentlemen with suitable permissions, there are also pictures from the AGM of the Deeside Scullers Club on their website

Scottish Rowing Awards Dinner
3rd November 2012
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow
Pictures from Snapper Ron

Katherine Grainger (our Guest of Honour) is presented with the International Rower of the Year award by SR President, Mike Morrice

 A good haul of awards went to Aberdeen with trophies going to
Junior Rower (Lewis McCue, ASRA)
Senior Rower (Iona Riley, ABC)
Crew of the Year (ASRA WJ4+, Christie Duff, Emily Geddes, Holly Reid, Morven Shaw coxed by Charlotte Davie)
ASRA Time Trials

ASRA are organising a series of time trials over 2012 - 13
All ASRA members are encouraged to attend but crews or individuals from other Aberdeen clubs are welcome to take part.

Time Trial details are available here

At the Scottish Sowing Awards Dinner,
a good haul of awards went to Aberdeen with trophies going to

Junior Rower (Lewis McCue, ASRA)
Senior Rower (Iona Riley, ABC)
Crew of the Year (ASRA WJ4+, Christie Duff, Emily Geddes, Holly Reid, Morven Shaw coxed by Charlotte Davie)
Lewis McCue picks up the awards for all his (absent) Aberdeen colleagues
Scottish Rowing Championships
9th & 10th June 2012
On 4/11/12 (!) I have published pictures from a (generally) sunny Scottish Champs in June.
Apologies for the delay - I forgot to process the pictures.  (Snapper Ron)

Aberdeen Head of the River weekend
27th & 28th October 2012

Results from Saturday 27th Oct (4s HOR)
Results from Sunday 28th Oct (SB HOR)

Pictures are now published

The spectacular ASRA Octo in action
Aberdeen Club Championships
Saturday 13th October 2012

Results      Pictures

16th Sept 2012
Olympic Parade - Union Street, Aberdeen
Representatives from all Aberdeen clubs pulled an oar for Katherine Grainger
ABC Novice Regatta
1st Sept2012

Inverness Sprint
11th August 2012

a few pictures from the
 National Rowing Championships, Nottingham.  July 2012

Ian Duncan parades Olympic Torch down Union Street     
11th June 2012
Thanks to Carol Wallace and Lindsay Kilvington for providing the pics.  Sorry that the video files at the end do not seem to  load
Aberdeen Inter-Company Regatta
23rd June 2012
Fun and games and fancy dress on the Dee

ASRA Inter-Schools Regatta
16th June 2012

Henley 2012
Pictures from Snapper Ron

ASRA training camp at Ghent - April 2012
Sorry about the delay in publishing these pictures from Carol Wallace

National Schools Regatta 2012
Holme Pierrpont
1st - 3rd June 2012

Whilst we were busy with the North East Regatta, Carol drove Niall and Atholl down to Nottingham as the sole AUBC competitors at BUCS Regatta 2012

North East Regatta  -  5th & 6th May 2012
Click on any of the links below

A few pictures from Snapper Ron

Saturday pictures from Stuart Pressage

Sunday pictures from Stuart Pressage

The Deecrepits Xmas row took place on 18th December 2011 but I only published the pictures (thanks for the reminder, Graham) on 21/4/12

Dramatic snow in Oldmeldrum 3rd April 2012
(one week after record high temperatures)

Body Surfing and lots of other wet fun at the
 ABC Captain's Dinner
24th March 2012

Deecrepits Tour to Tideway
March 2012
(with some pictures of other Scottish crews from Saturday)

Universities of Aberdeen Boat Race

10th March 2012

Scottish Schools HOR
3rd March 2012
Forth & Clyde Canal at Dulater

Aberdeen Eights HOR
Sat 25th Feb 2012
a few pictures from Division 1 only
Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships
29th January 2012

ABC organised a Christmas 8s event for scratch crews on 3rd December 2011

Pictures from Faskally training camp
22nd & 23rd October 2011



Phew!  it has been a busy time in Snapper Ron's secret Darkroom as he has been busy churning out pictures.
If you go to the Images page you can view pictures from the following events;
Aberdeen HOR weekend  (12th & 13th Nov)
Inverness HOR weekend  (19th & 20th Nov)
Scottish Rowing Awards Dinner (Sat 19th Nov)
Thanks to Stuart Pressage and Bill Wood for providing additional pictures from the Aberdeen weekend




A non-rowing item but here is the link to the pictures from the wedding of  Craig and Maria  at Meldrum House on 16/10/11.

Spectacular fire-breathing display at the
Aberdeen Boat Club Masked-Ball
30th October 2011


1st October 2011
There was a rowing theme at the marriage of
Judith Herbert and Colin Wallace
All the family snaps from proud dad (and a few helpers) are published here

At last (13/10/11) !
Snapper Ron has published pictures from the
FISA World Masters, Poznan, Poland  Sept 2011
(picture - the Scottish composite Veteran F quad in action)


ABC Novice regatta
Sat 27th August
pictures (146) from Snapper Ron
and 12 shots from Sandie Pirie

Castle Semple Regatta
Sunday 28th August 2011


Inverness Sprint Regatta

13th August 2011


Home International Regatta
Strathclyde Park
23rd July 2011
Pictures from Snapper Ron posted

Henley Royal Regatta
Thanks to Carol and Fiona Wallace for snapping these pictures

      General pictures (including a selection from Colin and Scott's pairs race)

     All pictures from Colin and Scott's race (some overlap with above)


Aberdeen Inter-Company Regatta
25th June 2011

(27/6/11 - click above for pictures from Snapper Ron)
*new 3/7/11*   Lots more pictures submitted by
 Andrew Strachan (710 pictures) and
Richard Crosland (492 pictures)

Scottish Championships 
11th & 12th June 2011
pictures by Snapper Ron and friends
**new 22/6/11** I have added some shots of winners on the medals pontoon from Alistair Neil
(see page 8)

Metropolitan Regatta
Dorney Lake
4th & 5th June 2011
pictures from Carol Wallace

1st June 2011  -  Phew!  Snapper Ron has published a big backlog of photographs from 4 events ranging from local (NER), through national (Nat Schools and BUCS) and ending up in the North Sea (Coastal Regatta).  I think the coastal skiffs would have been of more use in the challenging conditions at Holme Pierrpont - weather conditions at windy Nottingham affected both the BUCS and Nat Schools events.
I wonder when they will consider moving these events to the relative calm of Strathclyde Park?

               Click on the photos to go to the index for each event

Coastal Regatta, Anstruther
28th May 2011
cast adrift in an open boat

National School Regatta
Nottingham 27th - 29th May
winning smiles from ASRA

North East Regatta, Aberdeen
14th & 15th May
battle of the ABC coxless fours

BUCS Regatta, Nottingham
30th April - 1st May
dive, dive, dive ...


Older photos  -  see the Images page for all pictures

SPR  24th &25th April 2011

Deecrepits Tideway Tour 2011

ASRA tour to Gent
4th - 10 April 2011


DeeSnappers Pictures      Click here for Snapper Ron's pictures

Name of Event Date of Event Author      Click here for Snapper Ron's pictures Date uploaded
Aberdeen Sprint Regatta 26th August 2007 James Arthur 1/9/07
WU23 Regatta 25th - 29th July 2007 Iain Carlton 31/7/07
SPR 07 (Sunday) 22/4/07 Bryan Schooling 8/6/07
NE Regatta 07 5th & 6th May 2007 Stewart Mitchell     Saturday      Sunday 8/6/07
NE Regatta 07 Sat 5/6/07 Bryan Schooling 8/6/07
NE Regatta 07 5/5/07 Roy Sinclair 14/5/07
SPR Saturday 07 21/4/07 Brian Schooling 13/5/07
SPR 07 (Saturday) 21st & 22nd April 2007 Steven Clark 12/5/07

Snapper Ron is offering an image-publishing service for the Aberdeen rowing community with the working title of DeeSnappers (thanks to Richard Mathieson for that suggestion)
If anyone wishes to send me their rowing photographs, I am happy to publish them. 
Suitable picture sizes are 800x600 pixels with medium jpg compression (I can scale down larger pictures).
You can see the first example of this service from Steven Clark of ABC who provided photographs from Strathclyde
Park regatta on 21st & 22nd April 2007. 

By sending the images, I will assume that you are happy for me to pass on full-size copies to anyone who requests one.
My legal bits page has information about ownership of the images. 
I am not able (yet) to publish video clips and images will be down-sized for rapid loading



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The Committee of the Dee is concerned with organising rowing events on the River Dee in Aberdeen.  Events are run under the rules of  Scottish Rowing (previously known as the Scottish Amateur Rowing Association (SARA)).  Members of the committee are elected from the five rowing clubs in Aberdeen;
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   Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association
   Aberdeen University Boat Club
   Deeside Scullers Club
   Robert Gordon University Boat Club


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