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 Committee of the Dee

North East Regatta - 4th May 2019 - Results



Another Stirling effort on the Dee
Stirling Rowing Club again attended the NE Regatta with a large squad spread across the age range from Juniors, through Seniors to Masters.  After a close battle between themselves and ABC at the end of the first session of racing, Stirling had multiple wins in the afternoon session leaving them with a commanding total of 107 points in the Championship of the Dee table (two points per crew member in winning finalists and one point per losing finalist member)ABC came second with 64 points and ASRA had 44. After a 38-year period when the Champ of Dee had been won only by Aberdeen clubs, this is the second year in a row (ho ho) that Stirling have taken this prize.
The only other club who had entered was Albyn but, reluctantly, they had withdrawn all their crews due to the weather.  Many of the Albyn rowers were young and inexperienced and the gusting upstream wind produced challenging racing conditions at times.
With predicted winds gusting over 40mph from due north, we had assessed the viability of the entire event in the days leading up to it.  In the end, the Scottish weather did what it does best, alternating hailstorms and large standing waves with periods of sunshine and almost flat water.
A few other novice or less-experienced rowers decided not to race so the resultant scratchings enforced some rearranging of races to avoid row-overs in straight finals.  Thanks to Stirling RC and our Senior Umpire, Andrew McConnell, for agreeing to these changes. 
One such change resulted from the J-14 4x+ event being reduced to just one original competitor - this was reborn as a compound J-15 4x+ from Stirling against a J-13 4x+ from ASRA.  An arbitrary lead to the younger crew was given off the start and this had been chosen well as the resultant battle to the line with the Stirling crew desperate to catch ASRA was great to see and well supported by spectators.  Amazingly, this resulted in a dead-heat, the only such result on the day.  In view of the effort and the rather lumpy water conditions at the time, we decided not to ask them to re-row but declared both winners and awarded much-deserved medals to both crews.
Thanks, again, to Stirling RC for attending in large numbers and exhibiting flexibility and discipline in getting to the start (mostly!) on time.  Thanks, also, to other competitors, SR umpires, volunteers, sponsors and others who I have forgotten to mention.

Ron Wallace    May 2019
NER 2019  Winners names (without SR licence numbers)

NER 2019 Winners names (with SR licence numbers)
NER 2019 all race results (chronological and draw tree)

NER 2019  Names of all competitors

NER 2019 Full original programme (pre-event)