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Snapper Ron's legal bits
(with information about the DeeSnappers publishing service)

Use of photographs taken by Ron Wallace or Carol Wallace
(and modified on 6/5/07) to include the posting of photographs
taken by others)

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====== LEGAL INFORMATION ===========================================================
bulletUnless otherwise specified.  Any photograph on this website is copyright to Ron Wallace. 
bulletThe copyright of any photograph on this website remains with  the photographer.  The photograph may be used for any personal or non-commercial use freely and without charge.  Onward distribution is permitted as long as a copy of this Legal Information is attached.
bulletAcknowledgement of source in any publication would be appreciated; as would feedback of information about any pictures which are published (this encourages us to carry on providing this service). 
bulletUse for any commercial (fee paying) purposes is prohibited without the permission of the copyright owner.
bulletAlthough Snapper Ron will exert a degree of editorial control regarding quality and content of photographs, it is the responsibility of the person submitting the image to comply with rules of courtesy, decency and legality.
bulletIf anyone has  a complaint regarding any photograph, please contact me and I will remove it from the site, if appropriate.
bulletAnyone submitting pictures to the DeeSnappers service must agree to the above conditions.

======= Otherwise, enjoy the picture!  =======================================================

If you want to get any image printed, you can get this done at numerous High Street shops
(Photofactory, Boots, Jessops etc).  You can take the images along on CD, DVD, memory stick or flash card.

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