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 Committee of the Dee

North East Coronation Regatta  (with the Coronation of King Charles III happening on Saturday)
6th & 7th May 2023          Results and Notes
In 2023, we decided to revert to a two-day event and we had hoped that our timing (two weeks after SRSR and two weeks before Castle Semple) might encourage a large entry.  Sadly, our only outside entries came from the University of St Andrews Boat Club but they came in good numbers and stayed for both days.  They took home some medals and seemed to enjoy their visit so bah humbug to all the clubs who did not come!
Weather on Saturday was dull but with good racing conditions and the event started and ended slightly before published times so well done everyone (officials, competitors, volunteers).
Sunday started with two problems;  not enough water in the river and too much in colloid suspension in the atmosphere!  The tide seemed reluctant to rise but of more concern was heavy fog which allowed us, just, to see across the river but not any significant distance up or down the course.  Fortunately, this cleared 7 minutes before the first race and, remarkably, despite only being allowed to leave the jetties then, two ABC eights were able to start only 2 minutes late.  A long second day of racing with 79 races saw us finish, again, ahead of time.
With a huge entry, and as the only junior club attending, ASRA walked away with the Championship of the Dee award.  Reassuringly, as an academic exercise, even when I excluded points for junior events (which had to go to ASRA) and points for Masters events (which had to go to ABC) ASRA still won by a large margin.
The Coronation Party, held at ABC on Saturday evening, was very enjoyable with some impressive fancy dress evident.
Championship of the Dee points NER 2023
                                  Sat points       Sun points       Total          (Total excluding Masters (ABC only)
                                                                                                        and Junior (ASRA only) points
ASRA                           152                   90                    242                 119
ABC                               57                   54                    111                   48
Univ St Andrews BC     33                   27                      60                   60
AUBC                             32                  24                       56                   56
RGUBC                            5                   11                       16                   16
Henley RC                       0                     1                         1                     1
              NER23: Saturday:  Results of all races                             NER23: Sunday: Results of all races
NER23: Saturday:  Winning crews                                   NER23: Sunday:  Winning crews and Champ of Dee table
Saturday:  Names of all competitors                  NER23: Sunday: Names of all competitors
Advert for 2023 NE Coronation Regatta                        And finally (25/7/23) I have got round to publishing a very few pictures